Tuesdays at ZenZen Yoga Arts 6:00-8:00 10/2-12/11/18
900 S. 5th Street #305, Milwaukee, WI 53204
Go to lobby door on Walker St, proceed to 3rd floor by stairs.  Text or call Erwin 414-436-9147 if door is locked.

As of 2/5/17 beginners may attend 2 classes at no charge as a guest of the Milwaukee Chen Taijiquan Club.  Please print out and sign the waiver form and contact Erwin prior to visiting or attending a class.

After two introductory classes, applicants may apply for club membership.  Please fill out the membership application form and have it signed by 2 members.  The Tuesday classes are $5/each, due before each class or paid in advance.

Waiver Form
Membership Application form

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